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Welcome to the Official Dutch Taelon Embassy

Please also check my new site The Edge Of Silence, where I have an entire EFC section, with many goodies to be added. I'm still working on it, but please if you're interested in my EFC pages go there, because this site hasn't been updated for years, and though I definitel have plans to, it's going to be a long while.
Thank you for visiting, and hope to see you at the new site.


Sinuai Euhura. All Embassy personnel greets you with gratitude, and humble appreciation, that you have taken the time to check out the Dutch Embassy. Since our early days at your planet we have strongly wished to establish a mutual understanding between our two species, and it is our sincere hope that this page at your internet will contribute to the realization of this understanding. It has always been our objective to learn more about humanity, its tradition, and its essence, since we believe it will enable us to provide you with the help you need in developing your planet.

Other than informing you about Companion activities in the Netherlands, this page is also meant to unite all pro-Companion citizens of the Netherlands in order to propagate our values and objectives to members of your society who have not yet seen the benefits of our cooperation.

We invite you to regularly visit this page and stay informed about new developments that will take place in and around the Embassy. We hope you will find what you were looking for at this place. If there might be any other information the Dutch Embassy can provide you with, we would be gratified to hear from you.

About the Embassy

The Dutch Embassy was founded five months ago, when the Taelon Synod gave it's permission to start the construction of the building in the Friesian city Leeuwarden, which is located in the north of the Netherlands. The building was grown by a team of Taelon engineers, assisted by their human associates, in less than two months, which is considered to be quite an achievement.

The Embassy is a little smaller than it's counterpart in Washington, because this is a smaller country and we have no need of a larger structure. The Embassy contains three meeting rooms, three offices with each two Taelon-enhanced, highly advanced computers and several quarters for our Volunteers and other employees. Beside that we have an office for our Dutch Companion Rohaa with access to a data stream and holographic system. If you desire any more details we invite you to make an appointment and visit the embassy yourself. Our employees will gladly give you a tour.

The location of the Embassy was chosen because of its peace and quiet, and because the particular interest of the Taelon Synod in the Friesian mind and culture. We believed Leeuwarden, the capital of the region Friesland, to be an appropriate location for our Dutch Embassy, due to the presence of the "Fryske Akademy" and various provincial and judicial authorities, and we intend to promote our interests and manage our affairs from there.

The Dutch Embassy is easily accessible by shuttle or portal and can be reached by plane or by car using the road A7.

Dutch Embassy in Leeuwarden



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